We Welcome Interfaith Families

Forest Hills Jewish Center

Forest Hills Jewish Center is an egalitarian and inclusive synagogue, and we respect and support the right of every person to make autonomous religious decisions.

interfaith family with menorahWe encourage all non-Jewish spouses or partners to be actively engaged in the FHJC community. Forest Hills Jewish Center wants every family to feel that they are an integral part of the FHJC family – welcomed, supported and empowered as they build a Jewish home and observe Jewish rituals in their own way.

We offer:

  • Adult learning classes and family services to help you gain a comfortable understanding of Jewish prayer, thought and traditions.
  • Volunteer projects, educational activities, and inclusion in all non-ritual committees.
  • Our clergy are available to help you with engaging in our congregation or to answer any questions about Jewish life.
  • Participation in all nursery and religious school activities
  • Participation in life-cycle events of your family members within the parameters set by our Ritual Committee.

We encourage you to contact Rabbi Graber directly to speak about the specific rituals and customs at the Forest Hills Jewish Center.

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