Jan 28 2024


10:00 am - 11:00 am

Live Interview with Author Liane Feldman

FHJC’s own Lenny Picker interviews Liane Feldman, the author of The Consuming Fire: The Complete Priestly Source, from Creation to the Promised Land

Liane Feldman is an assistant professor of Religion and Program in Judaic Studies at Princeton. In this book she explores what the Chumash would look like if the only version of the sacred texts were the passages ascribed to the priestly source by biblical scholars.  Her ground-breaking 2023 book presents the biblical priestly narrative as an independent work of literature, and argues, convincingly, that her compilation, or something closely resembling it, once existed – and that studying this version can only enhance our understanding of the Tanach. Without strands from different sources and different eras, such as those attributed to the Deuteronomist, differing accounts of the creation of humanity, or the number of animals rescued in Noah’s ark, are absent. Click here to register and receive the link.

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